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Del's is a local full service moving company

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We provide free estimates


All our moves include free tape, shrink wrap, & wardrobe boxes


Del's Moving & Storage has been moving homes locally in Chicago, Illinois since 1985. Let our 30 plus years experience point you in the right direction. Often times customers get hit with hidden charges in the moving industry. A lot of Chicago moving companies offer a low rate to get the customers attention. Then the customer winds up actually paying more than the higher per hour rated moving company, after the supplies are added on to the bill. Del's believes in upfront honest billing with no funny business or surprises at the end. We didn't get to where we are today in Chicago by leaving a bad last impression on our customers. We like to think of Chicago as a big little city. While being the 3rd largest city in the United States, you can't go burning bridges in this town without the word spreading around. Fair business practice & treating others like they want to be treated is the silver rule all our employees try to live by from our training.




No Job is too big for Del's Moving & Storage in Chicago, Illinois. Give us a call today & let's get your free estimate started!


(847) 797-6683

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