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Moving to Brookfield, Illinois? Brookfield was named one of 2018's best cities to raise a family in!
Source: https://www.bestplaces.net/rankings/city/illinois/brookfield
Before 1803, the area now called Brookfield was mostly covered by prairie grasses, forests, and farms. Large portions of the area were inhabited by the Native Americans who long ago developed agriculture and corn cultivation, built villages and burial mounds, invented the bow and arrow, and made beautiful pottery. Settlement of the village dates to 1889 when Samuel Eberly Gross, a Chicago lawyer turned real estate investor, began selling building lots plotted from farms and woodlands he had acquired along both sides of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad line, which provided passenger and freight service between Chicago and Aurora, Illinois. "Grossdale", as his development was originally called, offered suburban living at prices affordable to working-class families.The first two buildings Gross erected were a train station south of the tracks at what is now Prairie Avenue, and a pavilion across the tracks. The original train station was moved across the tracks and a few hundred feet east in 1981, and is now the home of the village's historical society and museum, as well as listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The pavilion housed the first post office, general store, Gross' real estate office, meeting rooms, and eventually a dance hall. Gross offered free train outings from Chicago to Grossdale where the prospects were met at the station by a band and treated to a picnic lunch, with a sales pitch from Gross. In addition to parcels of land, he had a number of house designs to offer at "cheap" prices.Gross later added the subdivisions of Hollywood (1893) and West Grossdale (1895), each with its own train station. Residents voted to incorporate as the village of Grossdale in 1893. The name was changed in 1905 after residents became displeased with Gross, whose personal life and fortune had floundered. A contest to choose a new name yielded "Brookfield" in respect for Salt Creek, which runs through the area. Gross also has a school named after him called S.E. Gross.In 1920, the old Plank Toll Road, now called Ogden Avenue (US Hwy 34), was paved, providing easy automobile access to and from Chicago.
A suburb of Chicago and ranked among America’s safest cities, Brookfield features a median household income that tops $77,000 and a median home value is around $221,900. The local economy is strong in sectors like advanced manufacturing, education, healthcare and technology; in fact, Brookfield is home to the The Chicago Zoological Park, commonly called the Brookfield Zoo, opened in 1934. The zoo is located on land given to the Forest Preserve District by Edith Rockefeller McCormick in 1919. Brookfield has a great educational system, metra trains stops to Chicago to Aurora, IL & stretches along Interstate i55 & i290, making it an ideal location to live. If you're ever in search of movers in Brookfield, Illinois, look no futher than Del's Moving & Storage for an expert Brookfield moving company. Del's provides free wardrobe boxes, tape, & shrink wrap with all our Brookfield, IL moves. Call us today for a free quote (708) 632-1376
What to expect during a Brookfield move with Del's Moving & Storage
Del's will arrive at your place, protect your home, pick up your boxes and furniture, and drive it to your new residence. Our drivers have thorough knowledge of the area’s geography, so we know the best routes to take to get your cargo to its new destination quickly and safely.Once we arrive, the assistance doesn’t end there. We’ll help transport all of your items into the building. If some possessions can’t quite fit in your new spot yet, we also offer short- and long-term storage, & hoisting options to alleviate your problems. Again, If you're ever in search of movers in Brookfield, Illinois, look no futher than Del's Moving & Storage for an expert Brookfield moving company. Del's provides free wardrobe boxes, tape, & shrink wrap with all our Brookfield, IL moves. Call us today for a free quote (708) 632-1376

Del's moving and Storage has been moving the fine folks from Brookfield, Illinois since 1985. We're not one of these fly-by-night savvy marketing companies that outsources our move jobs to whoever will take them. We're a family owned and operated business and all our movers are in house,  and not outsourced in anyway. We're proud to have served Brookfield, Illinois moving customers successfully for over 30 years. Brookfield, IL is a great community & we thank our customers for the love & support. For professional Brookfield, IL movers, give us a call now.


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Moving can be very stressful, but with a smart moving strategy to Brookfield, Illinois. Del's Moving and Storage makes it simple and easy. All our Brookfield, IL moving professionals are honest hard working people you would want to invite into your home. We do not contract work to anyone that will take a job. So many companines outsource their work & focusing on marketing. Not Del's Moving and Storage in Brookfield, IL. All our Brookfield, Illinois movers are a professional trained group of people who are responsible for loading, delivering, and offloading pieces of furniture and other household goods. As they handle furniture moving from one place to another, Brookfield, IL professional movers are physically fit and healthy with a strong stamina to get things done properly. Unlike most Brookfield, IL families, the Pros are out in the field doing this line of work daily, sometimes even twice a day. Del's moving & storage  professionals in Brookfield, IL are well equipped with moving tools and have the years of experience to ensure your household furniture is in good hands. Give one of our moving Specialists a call in Brookfield, IL to receive a free moving or storage quote for your Brookfield, IL home today!

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