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Packing Services


Del's Moving and Storage is here to help when it comes time to pack all your houses belongings tight and safely to its next destination. Del's packing experts are trained in the industry on how to get the job done safely & efficiently. Leave it to the pros & take advantage of our full packing and moving services in Chicago, Naperville, Orland Park, Oak Park, Riverside & the rest of the Chicagoland area are available to take the moving stress away. Leave it up to the Chicago moving professionals and make sure the job gets done right! Del's moving and storage will pack and move nearly anything, including mirrors, wine, glasses, fine china, antiques, chandeliers, flat screen tvs, and everything else in your home. No matter how big or small don't hesitate to ask Del's to pack it. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Insurance, whether you just need a hand in packing your home, or moving a few tough items, or don't have the help or time you need to pack it yourself, give Del's Moving and Storage a call for a packing quote in the Chicago area (847) 797-6683.

Advantages to hiring a packing service.

A lot of times when people move their home, they have no idea how many boxes, tape, and other supplies they're going to need for their move. Many people often over buy or under buy supplies. This results in money & time wasted that can be better spent on hiring professionals to do the job for you. Chicago professional packing service will save you time. A professional packing service can finish a packing job twice as fast as a layman. Hiring a Chicago professional packing service will also give you peace of mind. You can sleep easy knowing your belongings are in good hands of trusted professionals. Many times you'll have an item in your home that is hard to pack and Del's Moving and Storage offers packing services that specializes in preparing hard to pack items for a home or business move. In over 30 years of moving dolls Moving and Storage has seen and dealt with packing almost anything, and we've learned the best ways to wrap these packing challenges and protecting your items. Del's can reassure you when using their packing services that there will be labeling and organization, so you know where all your belongings are after your move is done. This is great for people that are busy and always on the go. It assures you the movers put the boxes in the correct places at the time of moving into the new home. In addition, we also offer unpacking services for those tricky items & customers that would like the white glove 5 star treatment.

Any other questions about Chicago packing services that we may offer, send us an email or give us a call at (847) 797-6683 Our packing specialist are professionals at packing items like pianos, large safes, antiques, artwork, hoisting, mirrors, flat screen LED/LCD TV's, plus whatever challenge you may have for us.

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