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Reasons to hire Del's Moving and Storage for your next relocation

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

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Most of the time you purchase quality furniture that you intend on keeping for a very long time. Whether it's antique furniture, a valuable heirloom, or something you can no longer buy. You'll need professional movers to handle it efficiently and safely from your old home to new home. Read more on this blog and learn why you should hire a reputable moving company like Del's moving & storage for your relocation.

Who are moving professionals?

Professional movers are a group of people who are responsible for loading, delivering, and offloading pieces of furniture and other household goods. As they handle furniture moving from one place to another, professional movers are physically fit and healthy with a strong stamina to get things done properly. Unlike most families the Pros are out in the field doing this line of work daily, sometimes even twice a day. Del's professionals are equipped and have the experience to ensure your household furniture is in good hands.

Again, there's a lot of reasons why you should opt for professional movers to ensure your furniture will arrive at your new residence in the same working condition as they're in now.

Let's take a look at some advantages hiring expert movers like Del's moving & storage in Chicago.

1. Efficient

Due to their valuable years of experience reputable movers work faster in preparing and transporting your household goods. They know how to optimize their time because of packing and moving techniques they've learned through years of experience. In addition to some of their strategies these professionals also offer fast delivery services and hourly rates which is why every second or minute of packing and transporting counts for them. So, if you're looking for an efficient and fast relocation experience, getting help from Del's moving & storage can be a great idea.

2. We protect your furniture as much as we can.

The last thing our professional movers want to do is disappoint the customer. So no doubt safety is the primary concern of the entire moving operation. That said, using a Quality Moving Service that's well-equipped like Del's Moving and Storage can sure the safety of all your furniture pieces. In addition to hauling these professionals know how to use packing materials properly to make sure your belongings are safe when they're taken out of your old home place in the moving truck and then delivered into your new home.

3. We use proper moving equipment

As most pieces of furniture are bulky or heavy, using proper equipment is necessary when handling these items. Well trained movers can move items without compromising safety through the help of Highly specialized moving tools for furniture such as hand trucks, straps, sliders, pads, dollies, and blankets.

4. We offer specialized Moving Solutions

Having Furniture that's too large to fit through your new homes doorway can be extremely challenging. Fortunately many moving Specialists are available to provide specialized and customized Moving Solutions for your furniture delivery. These people will utilize every strategy to make the process as smooth as possible. From disassembling the furniture to using a special carrying or lifting method they can get things done without Hassle and threat to safety.

Whether you're moving your entire house, or just a few pieces of furniture to a different destination. Make sure you select a trustworthy Moving Service like Del's Moving and Storage with locations in Brookfield Illinois, Countryside Illinois, & Elmhurst Illinois today. Call us for a free quote (847) 797-6683


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